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Happy Valentine's Day, beloved friends. You all are "most excellent" to one another. Stats? 28 participants, 128 recipients and 299 delightful and heartfelt messages. Take a moment and read them all, it'll do your heart good! And, er, yes - "Party On, Dudes!"

Messages inside for: aduial_peredhel, aglarien1, alex_beecroft, alexcat, alisanne, amalc, anorienparker, aperfectdot, mithrial, autumn_mist, azzy, bbuttercup, binkaslibrary, beunydd, bookofnicodemus, stephmariemarsh,capella_fic, casualis,chaotic_binky, cherany, chloeamethyst, coverguy, curiouswombat, dapperscavenger, darklingfae, dawn_felagund, deathangelgw, dock_leaf, dragong, dissociative, eawen_penallion, ebbingnight, edoraslass, elflover59, elfscribe5, eliriel, elvses, emeraldreeve, enismirdal, eresse21, erestor, erfan_starled, erinrua, erviniae, esteliel, charla, fairjennet, faramirhaldir, fimbrethiel, fishyz9, gloromeien, grondfic, half_elf_lost, heartcries, heartofoshun, heartofslash, ignoblebard, ilistine, inwe_saralonde, jaiden_s, jastaelf, j_dav, jay_of_lasgalen, jetcas, and just_ann_now

*You have been and always will be absolutely FABULOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUS! Love you!

*Thank you for being the heart of our fandom. You are in my thoughts.
*Thanks for my daily chit chat and words of wisdom from you. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you are there. You are a great friend and a fabulous person. Love you lots.
*Your strength and grace during a very difficult time are inspirational.
*One of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever known. You are a very special person and I am so grateful I’ve gotten to know you over the past several years.
*My friend, what a wonderful person you are! You are generous to a fault and constantly thinking of others, have an irreverent sense of humour and never complain. It is a pleasure to know you and call you my friend.
*You’re such a wonderful example of what a Christian woman should be, kind and giving and faithful through even the worst.
*You’re one of the strongest, kindest, and most loving people I know.
*You may not think you’re strong, but you are. You’re a shining light to many of us and we all love and respect you. I’m proud to call you friend.
*Your stories mean so much to me. They give my broken heart a place to hide.
*For continuing with the Prayer List and thinking of others even through your own tragedy.
*My friend, you are always so kind, thoughtful and generous to others. Your spirit has gone through so much this past few months and yet, your courage and strength amazes me, always. My live is enriched because of your friendship.
*You’ve had a really difficult year, but you’ve never lost your grace and sensitivity. You’re much stronger than you ever knew. I’m glad we’re friends!
*You’re very sweet and full of grace. I hope your Valentine’s Day is bright and warm, and that you only think of good things.
*Ah, sucked you into Josh Lanyon, did we? But it’s such a nice suckage. I could write a thousand words and it still wouldn’t describe how much I admire you. You are truly someone I want to live up to.

*In many ways you are blazing a trail for the rest of us. I enjoy your attention to historical accuracy in your writing and you commitment to examining the genre in a thoughtful, articulate, and yet passionate manner.

*Alex. You’ve been such a positive force in the Tolkien fandom. You’ve provided so many of us with a home for our work that is free of judgment or prejudice.
*You are a leader in the fandom and thanks for everything you do for us. *hugs* You bring us all together in such a great way. Thank you! I look forward to working on our project!
*The best friend I could ever hope for, in heart you are family. You are kind, loving, strong, smart, talented, loveable…and silly! No matter what, you always make me smile. The best NTL-plotter ever!
*Thank you for providing a safe place for writers. I really appreciate your efforts and the lengths you go to in order to do this.
*Good writer, even better beta, and fabulous roleplayer. Has wonderful rants. Shoots straight, tells it like it is, but is always tactful. Sassy and smart.
*We’ve shared fandoms, games and RPGed together, and it’s always been fun.

*Your enthusiasm makes me smile, and I love your fic recs!

*I have so enjoyed our correspondence and sharing our love of slash. Thanks for turning me on to a lot of new fandoms and fics.

*Beautiful friend, your stories help keep me sane.
*Thank you for your wonderful stories. They brighten my life as I read every word you write.

*I love talking to you in chat and when we speak voice to voice. I admire your drive to move forward and not let adversity keep a hold on you. I am pleased to call you my friend.
*You are so strong and amazing my friend! And you are hysterical drunk, even when pulling pranks on folks over the phone!!! So glad you are my friend!

*Such a wonderfully creative artist, a lovely person, someone I don’t connect with often enough but who I am so very glad is on the “friend” section of my flist.

*Thanks for all the great lovelies and your terrific friendship. *hugs*

*You are strong – so strong! – and no matter what, your family and friends love you.
*You are one of the bravest and most thoughtful people I know. You constantly face life and do the very best you can to ensure a happy life for your family – where others would have given up you carry on. I am pleased to call you my friend.

*Thank you for all your organizational work on OEAM. You are the greatest! *hugs*

*Five years of friendship, five years of knowing what it is like to have such an amazing friend like you: just wow!

*I love your strength!

*What a sense of humor! Your picspam posts crack me up!

*Boston girls, we rock! Thanks for joining my journal. It is fun to have someone from my hometown to “hang out” with on LJ. *hugs* Welcome!

*You are gone, but not forgotten. Sending you hugs, deep affection, and some inspiring music.

*I often wonder how we became such good friends and then I’m like “Hey…good things always last!” You’re a great friend and have to stay that way now! SO SAYETH ME!

*You make me laugh and you make me cry. I love the combination of your down-to-earth sensibility and your ability to make people laugh. Crack!fic as biting social commentary is how your lighter series strike me.
*My dear Binky, bringer of laughter and tears…you’re the best.
*You are evol and you KNOW it. :P
*I love the wonderful worlds you create in your stories. You never fail to make me smile. Your descriptions of food make my mouth water and your characters, canon and original, are brilliant.
*Your stories are unique and original, filled with a warm sense of family and wonderful humor. I think you’ve made a corner of the LOTR fanfic universe all your own.
*Your posts make me smile, and see life in a different way.
*Imagination without end, always something fresh and new, really interesting to talk with, glad I know you.
*You write such unique stories, and your slash awards are always such incredible fun.
*You bring joy and amazement to my day! Thank you so much.
*You make me laugh. You have such a quirky sense of humor and are the most prolific slash writer of us all!
*You’re one of the most creative people I’ve ever met. How on earth do you do it?
*Witty, funny, a superb storyteller. Kind and empathetic, too.

*You are so talented and thank you for all the lovelies. I love your spirit! *hugs*

*Witty, clever and funny. Knows where to find the best naughty photos to post, and graciously shares them all with her F-list. Generous. Kind. Tactful, but not afraid to speak her mind. Cutest kid this side of the Mississippi.
*I hope this will be a good year for you, you deserve it!
*My friend, you are so much stronger than you think you are. I am so glad we became friends. My life is enriched because of your friendship. I love sharing our experiences and our humor and love of manflesh together.

*Your posts are truly funny. Ha!

*For the pictures you post every week. I love to see how other people live!

*Love your geekiness! I’m so happy to have you on my flist this year.

*You are an awesome person and so fun! Thanks for everything chica! Wuv ya!

*No matter how much our real lives keeps us from keeping in touch, I always cherish your support and friendship: thanks for all you do.

*Sweet, kind, caring and pretty…even though she doesn’t believe me when I say that. Loyal above all else. Is the kind of friend who will stick with you through whatever.

*What more can I say? How utterly lucky I am to have found you as a friend.

*I want to go on walks with you.

*Joy to all of you and I am happy to be friends with you! *huggles*

*Dear Eawen. When I think back on the writers in this fandom that I’ve most admired, you are among them. You understand the power of the written word and have enviable skill with it.

*I hope we will see you write more this year! Your comments are always very much appreciated.
*A wonderful person who always sees and understands the depths in any story. So supportive and generous. Every author should have an Ebbingnight.

*You have no idea how wonderful it is to open my email and see what you gift me. Very few people can make me feel as cared-for as you do.

*Your comments make me smile and I am so glad you are part of my journal life. Thanks so much! *huggles*
*Thank you so much for sharing your talents as a graphics maker with us all. You are a sweetie.
*You always posts such nice comments and always help to take care of my dragons! You’re a very dear person!
*You are very nice, and I love your icons and your birthday posts.
*A real professional and a great friend! It's terrific to have you around.
*The NYC Grand Conclave was a highlight of 2009! I’m so excited that you’ve gotten your well-deserved “pro” credentials and that your writing will be reaching a wider audience this year – no doubt they will devour every word with the same enthusiasm as your devoted LJ following.
*My dear, dear friend. You are amazing. So talented. So generous. So kind.
*You are an AMAZING AWE-INSPIRING DAME! I can’t believe you did that, with the cliffs and the dwellings and the job you had when you were oh-so-young and to do it again now…lady, I heart you from head to toe (and linger a bit on your sore knees) and I shall smite the evil ex-employers if they stand in your way, and I will be the very first to bow before you when your book gets published and you are a STAR! Honest.
*You’re talented, interesting, interested, encouraging, a consummate storyteller. A good friend and very supportive of your fellow writers.
*Aw, Elfy. You’re the best. So supportive and thoughtful, and a wonderful, excellent writer – in all genres. You bring out the best in me. I’m so glad that we got to meet this year. Definitely a big highlight of 2009.

*You are absolutely one of the sweetest people on my flist. I love when I see a comment from you. It always makes me smile.

*Thanks for providing a safe, informative place for us to play. I love your highly original stories.

*Your support means so much. You are a dear and generous friend.

*Known you for a very long time and you’ve always been a very sweet person. You will forever remind me of adorable hamsters and bees.

*This is an amazing public service. You are such a fabulous person for doing this.
*A true pleasure, indeed, to meet you at last! It does the heart good to see that sometimes the mental image/idea/persona we create of a virtual friend only scratches the surface of their real, flesh-and-blood wonderfulness. 
*Eni. You are such a giving and nurturing person. One of these days we’re going to see on another, face to face.
*Dear friend, you are so loving and supportive. Thank you.
*Thanks for pulling us all together for this great Valentine’s thing! Love you! *hugs*
*You give and give and give and never make me feel guilty if I can’t give back, which is incredibly generous and loving. I heart you. I hope, someday, Bill Fichtner will burst into your life (with a shotgun!) and do incredibly naughty things to you (because you know – you can see it in his eyes – he knows what to do to you!)
*How wonderful and thoughtful you are in putting together this Valentine’s day of love and also for the website you set up for our mutual friend so we could all post our gifts and well wishes. It is not anything I would have thought of and for that I really admire you for going one step further than the rest of us would have thought to go.
*In last year’s note, I remarked that one of these days we must meet. At the time I never thought it would happen, but amazing enough, it did and it was delightful to see you in person after knowing you for years via email and fics. Thanks for your continued warm and supportive friendship, your thoughtful gifts, uplifting comments, and your ability to do things like this that help create a sense of community in our corner of fandom. Hugs!
*I love the way you make things happen rather than sitting back and waiting for others, I like your taste and style, really respect how well-read you are, hope you’ll be around much more this year.
*I love your wit, energy and heart. You shine! Thank you for your devotion to the fandom, for organizing TDD. Most of all, thank you for your support and friendship.
*You know who this is. ;) We’ve sort of lost touch lately, and that makes me sad. Let’s do better, all right? I wan to take this BDSA opportunity to tell you how much your friendship and support has always meant to me. *hugs tight*

*We’re still friends even from the beginning and I’m still amazed at what you write! Stay the way you are!
*I marvel at all that you have achieved this year, and am inspired by your dedication, both to fandom and your original work. You are one of the brightest lights I know, and long do I hope to bask in the aura of your talent. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us, and for the priceless gift of your friendship.

*You have a brilliant mind, are wonderfully witty, and have a huge heart. I wish I could be more like you.

*You make me think, most people do not, I love people who can do that to me. You are a deep and thoughtful person who is always interesting to talk to. Talking to you in chat is a rare treat – our paths never seem to cross often but I am always very happy when they do.
*I enjoy your fresh and original take on Middle-earth.
*You’re interesting, you’re funny, you’re intelligent, and you know things.
*I always enjoy your stories a lot, as well as you thoughtful comments!

*You, my darling, are an extremely talented writer. Such a way with words, so positive and uplifting. You’re awesome.

*You grow dearer to me with each passing year. Thank you for being my friend. I love you bunches.
*I cannot say how much I appreciate you. You are so sweet, such a great writer and a great mom. I am thankful to call you a friend.
*Thanks for always being so supportive. I’m grateful for our friendship.
*Funny, naughty and pervy. <3 Has excellent taste in naughty photos. Always makes me feel better. Makes me laugh. Loyal and kind. The best kind of friend a girl could have.
*You’re one of the brightest lights in any fandom and such a wonderful friend.
*Just – kind, warm, very real. Hard working, a great mom, a good friend.
*You are the pervy best and I am so glad we are friends in the journal space. Lots of love! *hugs*

*I love your fiction and your scholarship. I'm keeping my eye on you, girl.
*Never have I been so engrossed by the sotry of two such different characters with all it’s sadness, complexities and evolving love. And let us not forget the gorgeously steamy kink! I am so in love with your Legolas and Glorfindel. *The* pairing for me, for them and forever.

*I am so glad that you are part of my journal life. You bring a brightness and fun to things that I really love. Thank you for being so great!

*I think you are a writer with much talent and you have incredible vivacious spirit. *hugs*
*Always interesting to talk to and always up too late. Good writer and excellent role player. Fun and clever. A joy to be around.

*You are a joy to know. Thank you for your friendship.
*You are the best! Your beta work is just the tip of the iceberg. If it weren’t for you, I’m not sure I’d still be writing (well, what little writing I’ve been doing anyway). One of these days we’re going to get together for that margarita.
*Dear Tena, you and I share viewpoints on so many things and I love your sense of humour. Your writing always makes me smile. I am pleased to call you my friend.
*My friend, I love your sense of humor, your loyalty to your family, and your sharing of manflesh!

*I’ve missed seeing you around and reading your fantastic stories. You have such a fabulous sense of humor. Come around more often!
*Thanks for everything that you do on the RPGs. *huggles* You are awesome.
*Oh, I miss you darlin’. This year, beers for sure, sometime, somewhere. Cheers!

*This is going to be a good year for you, I know it! You’re more talented than you think you are, and I’m wishing you good luck with everything you put your hands on.

*It’s been an honor and a delight to follow your work out of fandom and into the “real” world…you’ve introduced me to some absolutely fantastic characters, and I eagerly await the opportunity to watch them grow. Perhaps 2010 will be the year for a real-world meeting? Fingers and toes are crossed! xoxo
*I love love looooooooooooove what you do and who you are! Stay my friend.
*I love your pop-cultural insights and the depth and lushness of your writing. I love your dog. I love that you love your dog. Thanks to you my Bale lust ignited and it’s never stopped.

*Your ability to write voices and accents is wonderful and I enjoy all the obscure fandoms and creativity of your writing. When I grow up, I want to be able to write like you.

*Oh man, HEL. You’re like a breath of fresh air – so vibrant and an excellent dinner companion. Funny as hell, too. Looking forward to another night on the town soon.

*Without you I wouldn’t have a fandom to cling to and I’m glad we became friends. Keep spreading the Sparklie Love!

*You make me smile! You make me laugh! Your writing fills me simultaneous envy and joy…envy, because the work is absolutely superlative , and joy because HEY! SUPERLATIVE WRITING! YAY! Your Haldir and Beleg have stayed with me as few other characters have. Can we have another NYC meetup soon??
*I’m impressed with the variety and consistent quality of your writing and how hard you work at everything, not only with your writing but also supporting others in the community. I appreciate that you don’t let anyone out there tell you that you can’t write certain things or post to certain sites. I’m sending you Daeron and Maglor and a cupful of that funny drink to inspire your muses.
*I love your stories and your essays. You always post fascinating entries!
*Your sage advise, your different perspectives and views on children with autism and speech troubles, I appreciate them so much because you always manage to show me that things somehow will be alright and with that you are so much more than a fannish friend to me.
*You wrote the Maedhros and Fingon story I longed to read for twenty years, and you wrote it superbly. I fell more in love with the characters reading your work than in all the years of reading the Silmarillion – you gave them life!
*What a wonderful, diverse, insightful woman you are. And with a most excellent sexy voice. I’m so glad I got to know you a little more this year and I hope that it continues. I love our mutual Josh squeeage, in addition to our other in-common fandoms.

*I know you’ve had a tough year and I sympathize. What’s needed is more hot guys, doing, er, what they do so well in your fics.
*Oh, Oh, Oh, Wild Thing, You make my heart sing! You make ev-er-ything groo-oovey…. I adore that you not only take on your troubles with equanimity, but with humor and best of all, determination. I adore all of your men, both the fictional and the real – I am so glad you have such a good dwarf! Keep on truckin’….

*You make me feel good about myself when I the rest of the world is raising their eyebrows in disapproval. A loyal friend!
*It’s been great getting to know you better. I appreciate the balance you bring to discussions, without sacrificing your principles, as well as your off-beat sense of humor. Sending Glorfindel with a bowl of cherries. You and he will have to figure out what to do with them.

*Your creativity, passion for writing and life is such an inspiration to me, thank you for guiding me through difficult times over the year.

*You have been such a kind and generous supporter of my work. I love the way you write elves.
*You are such a delight to count as a friend.

*In some ways, we’re so much alike; and in some ways we’re so different. I love your sense of humor, and your irreverent nature. You make me laugh so often.
*Lightening sharp wit, rapier intellect…la! Love you darling. You’re my bud. *hugs*
*You are smart and honest and speak what you think, but you are also caring – a wonderful combination!
*Smart, witty, fabulous! That’s you.
*Sass…sometimes that’s all I can think of to call you, but you’re also a great friend, wise with that sarcasm, and strong. Don’t forget it!!
*My friend, we have shared so much together. Tears, pron, laughter and rants. You always make me laugh; are always the first to organize us all when someone needs a gift sent; you like to hide behind your “bitchiness”, but I know you are an ole’ softy. My life is enriched because of your friendship.

*Where are youuuuu? I miss you, darling! Love ya too.

*Your bubbly energy, but also the love and sun you bring into my life makes me smile and for some reason it always comes to me when I need it so.

*Your stories and the pictures you share bring joy to my life.

*Thanks for being so enthusiastic and fun. *huggles* You have great spirit.

*You are kind and funny and encouraging. Love your writing too!
*Nearly every day, you bring joy and friendship into my life, as well as beautiful words that are a delight to read.
*I’m glad you’re still writing all those enjoyable Swordspoint drabbles because it reminds me how much I enjoy that universe.
*For sharing the love that is Riverside.
*One of the very best, most talented writers of Swordspoint on the ‘net. Simply gorgeous writing.


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Feb. 14th, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)
Dearest En, you have done it again! You are awesome, my friend.

This has surely put a smile on my face on a very teary day.

Feb. 15th, 2010 11:31 am (UTC)
Aw, Sweetie. I know it's not the same. Must have been bittersweet, at best. At least there was lots to look forward to, yes? This and My Slashy Valentine (which I've barely had a chance to crack, yet) and Josh & JCP's collection. It all makes me feel rich. And I hope it all went a little ways toward making your day better.
Feb. 15th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
I did indeed.

Feb. 14th, 2010 06:33 pm (UTC)
Erestor here :-)
Thanks so much for this lovely project. I'm sure you made many, many people very happy with it.

And a big hug to the anonymous commenter for the sweet note. Thanks so much, this is really - wow. *sniffle*
Feb. 15th, 2010 11:32 am (UTC)
Re: Erestor here :-)
You're welcome!
Feb. 14th, 2010 06:44 pm (UTC)
My dear En. You are quite simply the best. MWAH!!! Happy VD!
Feb. 15th, 2010 11:34 am (UTC)
No. YOU are. You are. Gag. I'll get back to your email later, but oh geez, did I love your SV story. I read it first, of course, after my own, (only skimming though, fam. obligations took some precedence yesterday)and it's just perfect.

MWAH, Back atcha.
Feb. 14th, 2010 07:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for organizing this every year. :) I know I speak for everyone when I say it's very much appreciated.
Feb. 15th, 2010 11:34 am (UTC)
You are very welcome.
Feb. 15th, 2010 08:36 am (UTC)
Thank you for doings this. I enjoyed the comments left for me.It made my day.:)
Feb. 15th, 2010 11:35 am (UTC)
Excellent! Then the plan worked! Glad you enjoyed it, Elflover.
Feb. 15th, 2010 03:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you for organizing this! And thank you so much to whoever left me such generous comments! :)
Feb. 15th, 2010 08:51 pm (UTC)
You're welcome!
Feb. 15th, 2010 04:06 pm (UTC)
Oooh, I was so thrilled to see messages for me, as I had no idea that this went on. Next year, I'd love to be an anonymous "writer" of messages as well!

Thank you for arranging this love-fest, Ennorwen!
Feb. 15th, 2010 08:52 pm (UTC)
You're welcome and...you're more than welcome to play next year. I make the announcement in Mid-January or so with follow-up reminders.
Feb. 15th, 2010 06:54 pm (UTC)
Thanks for organizing this for all of us!
You totally rock!
Feb. 15th, 2010 08:53 pm (UTC)
You are so welcome, erviniae!
Feb. 16th, 2010 10:05 pm (UTC)
En,thank you for doing this.It's really an amazing gift for everyone.And thanks to the person who left a message for me.It makes my day.
*hugs *
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