Help with a Sindarin Translation Please?

Hi! Looking for a bit of help on a Sindarin translation - I'd like to come as close to "Dream Away Lodge (or Inn)" as possible. I know "lor" is dream, but I can't put together the rest. This is for my tripledogdare, Icon Challenge fic. A teaser for which follows...

And ah...nope. Decidedly not a gangbang! But it is a piece of crack, that's for sure. *g*

VDSA '10 - The Big List 'O Love - Letters K-Z


VDSA'10 - The Big List O' Love - Letters A-J


VDSA'10 - Reminder - Two Days Left!

Aw, thanks, phyncke for both the new and old Valentine's Icons!

And since VD is a weekend day, I've extended the "due date" through 12:00 Noon (EST) on Saturday, February 13th.

Last year, 114 of our beloved friends received a total of 311 delightful and heartfelt messages from their LJ fellow travelers. Were you among them? Refresh your memory by looking back at Letters A-L (LJ user name) "The 2009 Big List 'O Love A-L", and Letters M-Z, Letters M-L. With Valentine's Day a little over a month away and other deadlines looming (*cough* "SlashySanta") - I'm starting the process now. Here's how it works:

1) Choose up to 10 people (negotiable upon request) from your flist. Write a sentence or two about how you feel about them. Could be as simple as "you always make me smile," or "I love your icons." For the general idea, take a look at last year's - link posted above.

2) EMAIL your list to me at rykscoogan@cox.net. You have until 12:00 Noon on Saturday, February 13th to send them in. No exceptions.

3. On February 14, I will post a list of all the people who received comments and post all of the comments that they received...without revealing who sent them. Hopefully, lots of you will wake up on Valentine's Day to all kinds of anonymous love!

Please note that you do not have to restrict your messages to Tolkien slashers only - though please make sure that their LJ name is correctly noted. Though the "posters" of such messages are restricted to Tolkien FPS slashers. (Holy smokes - can you just imagine if the whole wide world responded!)

PLEASE DO FEEL FREE TO "STEAL" THIS IDEA FOR YOUR LITTLE PIECE OF FANDOM - I think I first stole it from the QAF one - there's no trademark or copyright on it.

Also, PLEASE DO FEEL FREE TO SPREAD THIS AROUND YOUR TOLKIEN FPS FRIENDS! My flist is purposely small, so I'd welcome a lot more players that aren't on mine. Obviously, your chances of receiving the love increasae if your own flist is involved. I'll make the final post public so that everyone can see and refer to it.